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Union Metal Coating & Alloys adopts EN ISO, BS 1461, BS 729, ASTM a 123 & ASTM a 153 standards for Galvanizing.

Galvanizing is done in full compliance of above standards. Random samples are taken to Industrial Laboratories periodically to check the quality & thickness of Zinc after galvanizing, Zinc purity etc. This ensures full compliance with the chalked down requirements of ISO, BS, ASTM standards.

Union Metal Coating & Alloys has a very experienced staff in their fields for number of years in UAE markets, knowing the galvanizing requirements thoroughly. This enables Union Metal Coating & Alloys to issue the correct Zinc Coating certificate to support the galvanizing process. Zinc coating thickness is measured & readings taken are tabulated in advanced computerized software to get them in table or graph or any other form. This shows maximum & minimum readings mean values, standard deviation as well as other process controlling valuable figures with no human interference.