iso certified 9001 2008
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Applicable Standard

The two main international standards applicable for HOT DIP GALVANIZING is (1) ASTM A 123 and (2) BS EN 1461. Our plant can do the galvanizing as per both the above standards.

Quality Control & Assurances department has a devised process control procedure where reading of process parameters are taken from time to time & recorded. Any deviation from standard requirements are notified & are got rectified through production staff, thus having a good control over process & subsequently final product quality.

  1. Material Receipt & Inspection Report.
  2. Job Order Checklist.
  3. Shot Blast Specifications.
  4. Degreasing Solution Concentration.
  5. Pickling Solution Concentration.
  6. Rinsing Tank Acidity.
  7. Flux Solution sp. gravity & temperature.
  8. Drier Temperature.
  9. Zinc Bath Temperature.
  10. Quenching Tank Water Temperature.
  11. Any Galvanizing Defects Observed.

Parameters controlling by Q.C. assures a quality product, free from defects & galvanization adhering strictly to the laid down standards.
Noted readings are recoverable & hence traceability is ensured in case of customer complaint.

This also helps in quicker corrective & preventive actions from all related departments.

Quality Control

The Q.C. engineer inspects the galvanized material to ensure before issuing the Q.C. report. Regular Samples are withdrawn from process & checked in external laboratories to ensure the requirements of BS, ASTM,ISO standards.

Galvanizing coating on finished goods is regularly checked & recorded. This ensure a wide data-base for tabulising or graphical presentation of coating figures.

This ensure maximum & minimum readings, mean value, deviations, standard deviations, no of reading above & below the limits, batch name, date of the test etc.

Tests other than visual inspection like knife test or pivot hammer tests are randomly done on pieces in galvanizing finishing area to ensure the adherence of zinc to steel .


Re-working on galvanizing articles is done as per the procedure of UNION METAL COATING & ALLOYS . If required, article is stripped off to enable for fresh Zinc Coating. After stripping, same galvanizing procedure is adopted.