iso certified 9001 2008
Equipments: a basic requirements


  • Hot Dip Galvanizing Furnace
  • Galvanizing Kettle is heated by four fuel efficient burners. The total system is capable of maintaining the zinc bath temperature in the range of ± 5°C for molten zinc. {445°C to 455°C}
  • Galvanizing Kettle
  • The Kettle is made from Low Carbon, Low Silicon Steel Specially Rolled in Steel Mill in India. The Kettle has thickness of 50mm. Galvanizing Bath of 13.5M LONG 1.6M WIDTH 2.1M Deep.
  • Over head Crane for Pre – Treatment
  • One Double Girder, Double Hoist with 5 M.T. each hoisting capacity is being utilized for Pre-treatment section.
  • Over head Crane for Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • One Double Girder, Double Hoist Crane with Double Speeds is installed for better control over dipping operations. Each hoist is of 5 Tons hoisting capacity supplied by Abus from Germany.
  • Semi Automatic Shot Blasting Machine
  • 8 Wheel high velocity shot blasting machine complete with recycling & dust collectors, with 1 Mtr. X 1 Mtr opening.
  • Fumes Extraction System
  • One 40,000 CFM. Fume collection system is installed on zinc bath to collect white fumes, wash them in scrubber before releasing to atmosphere.
  • Air Compressor
  • 4,000 Litres Capacity, Electrically driven to supply compressed air at 6.7 bar Pressure.
  • Pre- Treatment Tanks
  • These are made from Poly Propylene sheets utilizing latest joining technology placed in stubborn external structural frame for longevity.
  • Post- Treatment Tank
  • Quenching Tank made of steel of size 13m L X 1.5m W X 2m Deep holds about 35m3 circulating water for Quenching of Galvanized articles.
  • Forklift
  • 7Nos. of Diesel Powered Komatsu forklifts of 3,5,7 M.T. Capacity Forklift takes care of material handling operations.
  • Logistical Support
  • Company has a fleet of back-up force of Pick-Up & Trailers for smooth movement of Material logistically.