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Union Metal Coating & Alloys FZC is located in Hamriyah Free Zone,Sharjah on more than 12000 square meters areas. The main aim of establishing a Hot Dip Galvanizing Factory in HFZ was to cater for the ever increasing demand for galvanizing services, with best quality, best services & timely delivery to local as well as other GCC markets.


Our unit commenced operations in year 2009 & since then has come a long way in establishing itself in the all over Gulf Market. We have a management with long experience in minerals & metals industry and a good team of professionals with vast experience in the Hot dip Galvanizing business in UAE as well as abroad, for our various sections.

After getting established as Quality Galvanizers, we have registered our quality system under ISO 9001: 2008 and certified by URS Quality Certifications, in 26th June 2013

  1. Large Yard for Unfinished & Finished Goods.
  2. Semi Automatic & Manual Blasting Machine.
  3. Material Handling Equipments.
  4. Overhead Cranes.
  5. Forklifts.
  6. Conveyor.
  7. Galvanizing Bath of 13.5M LONG 1.6M WIDTH 2.1M Deep
  8. Logistical Support: Fleet of Trucks & Trailers.
  9. Quick Delivery.


Blasting operation has become a need of time before galvanization in today's scenario. Keeping this in view, company has installed a semi automatic eight wheel high velocity blasting machine with 1000 X 1000 opening & 12 m long conveyor to take care of almost all types of job needing surface preparation before galvanization.

Blasting machine is equipped with recycling unit & dust collection system to take care of environmental requirements.

We have also the facility of semi grit blasting with Air compressor 4,000 Litres Capacity, Electrically driven to supply compressed air at 6.7 bar Pressure.





Union Metal Coating & Alloys adopts EN ISO BS 1461, ASTM A- 123 standards for Galvanizing.

Galvanizing is done in full compliance of above standards. Random samples are taken to Industrial Laboratories periodically to check the quality & thickness of Zinc after galvanizing, Zinc purity etc. This ensures full compliance with the chalked down requirements of ISO, BS, ASTM standards.

Union Metal Coating & Alloys has a very experienced staff in their fields for numbers of years in UAE markets, knowing the galvanizing requirements thoroughly. This enables Union Metal Coating & Alloys to issue the correct Zinc Coating certificate to support the galvanizing process. Zinc coating thickness is measured & readings taken are tabulated in advanced computerized software to get them in table or graph or any other form This shows maximum & minimum readings mean values, standard deviation as well as other process controlling valuable figures with no human interference.